About us

OÜ Hansakivi has been producing high-quality stone interior products from natural stone and quartz since 1999.

Hansakivi is one of the biggest stone processing companies in Estonia, who also exports a portion of its production to Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

In our boutique, you can view our stone samples and sinks made of natural stone. You can also submit a request for a price offer via the worktop request form.

Thanks to modern technology and our team of professional stonemasons, unique and heavy-duty stone products are created in our Tallinn factory. We offer a wide range of services to our customers, from helping you choose the right stone to installing it.


We also supply large-scale stone projects for building facades, floors, and stairways. On a special request, we also supply and install large monuments and stones for yard areas, water fountains and much more.

Stone designed by nature and carved by man is a perfect choice for all types of interiors. However, quartz composite from manufacturers COMPAC and SILESTONE is an extra heavy-duty material. It has been produced with a special technology and has very durable technical qualities. In addition to its amazing technical qualities, quartz offers a wide range of colors.

Hansakivi acquires their raw materials from approved suppliers who can guarantee the high quality of their materials, of which we will be creating a unique design product just for you.